Tuesday, 1 May 2012

the woman

hello again.... I survived the palak paneer and I found a new dish we can add to our every other Tuesday line-up.
     Today, I figure that I should share a little bit about my beautiful pregnant wife, and her beautiful ass. She is a platinum blonde with an IQ of 178. It sort of like walking, and sleeping with Wikipedia at the tip of my fingers. Luckily, she does not devote herself to psychic-dom or she would know just way too much. She knows when I sneak in a glass of milk now and then, or the fact that my ass does not know how to lie. When you're lactose intolerant, you're ass actually announces to the world how happy your system is.
     Meanwhile, here she is, 6 months into her pregnancy and she is more beautiful than the day I met her. No seriously. She is absolutely stunning, apart from the fact that she is a "trophy" wife because guys, my wife is twenty years younger than me. Yes people, I am over forty and loving every minute, and every ounce of my wife. This is the first time in my life where I'm actually rushing to get home just so I can have a bath.
     Now, about her pregnancy, or pregnancy period. I guess I had a really weird view of how my wife would just pump out two kids, sort of like the snap of a finger, and lickity split, I'm a father. But noooooo, no one told me that it would be the equivalent to climbing Kilimanjaro or the Himalayas, and 1 000 000 massages that go along with it. I was raised by 4 women, and not a hint came to me at all about these massages. Thankfully, though she has gained her necessary pounds during this period, she does not mind giving the massages.
     Just joking guys of course. I give the massages guys, and I've even taken time to watch YouTube and some midwife just so I can give the proper massage to my lovely woman.
     She loves food, and I believe I fell in-love with her by the time she ate the fifth piece of pizza in front of me. Though she can eat like one of the offensive line men in football, she "was" a waif at 120 pounds before she became pregnant. She loves to read "mangas" (Japanese stories to some), and all sorts of cookbooks. Our dinner table gets to travel to different parts of the world every night. She just loves basil too much sometimes. But, I'm not complaining.
     I'll share more of what I can in the near future about her beautiful ass, but for now, I believe she deserves breakfast in bed this morning.
Oh and here is a couple of links for those who want to massage their woman:


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