Sunday, 29 April 2012

palak paneer

tonite it is panak paneer for dinner.. yes, my beautiful wife with the beautiful ass loves to cook and she knows Indian food.
6 months into her pregnancy and she craves sashimi (which she can't have), ans she finished the ice cream container the other day and i can't seem to remember feeding it to her. But, she says I did. Now, I have that look coming at me. You know the one guys. The one that says I'm going to get you later.
She made butter chicken the other night and it was awesome and so tonight's concoction shouldn't be any different.
We spent $51 on Indian take out the other night, so this is definitely much cheaper, and without any misunderstanding with the united emirate order taker... or none of us can pronounce Indian food recipes properly. My wife can fortunately, so I guess we got the order right because she likes to hum contentedly when she likes her food. She likes things spicy, so I was worried more for my ass the following day. The same worry for tomorrow as she just had me grinding chilli peppers for tonight's dish.
I'll flush out this news tomorrow.

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