Sunday, 29 April 2012

i have time

hello people of this world... I'm a new father of a soon to be born boy named Tulkas Alexander... a beautiful wife with a beautiful ass ... and I blog in peace.
greetings and salutations to all Laker fans and this is exciting because i have never been a blogger before. nope, not even a Facebook.
"The Laker's are playing the Denver Nuggets hon," first day of the NBA play-offs, and I have her blessings to watch the game.
"The name makes me think of Poop and that guy looks like Ashton Kutchar,". Don't you love watching the game with your woman guys? At these comments, my Lakers do not have anything to worry about. She calls the guy wearing the blue shoes on the Nuggets team Mr Ice Cream. This is definitely not the commentary expected by Denver fans going into the first game of the playoffs.
Yeah! Laker's Win. One game down and fifteen more to go.
my team in hockey is already golfing, so basketball it shall be. Big into Arsenal Football too. And did I mention that we have a boy on the way. this blog is actually all about him in the end. And yes she has one beautiful ass.. my wife that is.

I'll keep you guys posted, I'm currently investigating the occurrence of two gay unicorns in my front yard.

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