Friday, 2 November 2012

three months later

Well hello out there,
     3 months since my son came out and this is the first opportunity I've had in between diapers. Less than 2 months before Christmas and you know what, my tree went up early again this year. The little one is currently wacking a sleighbell that my wife bought for the tree today. Funny, watching little ones gathering their motor skills.
   Clever dude, likes to play piss on daddy when the diaper is off. Makes me refill the tub because he has not yet identified the toilet bowl. Did, I say holy cow shit DIAPERS!!  He's currently giving desitation as to when to identify moments to place boob in the mouth. Only cries when he is hungry or when his diaper needs changing. He's actually quite manageable at the moment. His name, he is the incredible Tulk. He can now hold up his own head. He is currently trying to sit up.
    He Burps like mommy, and farts like daddy.
    I thought I should add the last part in.
   So anyway, with the Andromedians going againts Draconians, huge planets crashing our solar system, there is no more truth unless be it the bond we have with our family, the Antichrist walking and living among us, and for sure Christ is with us always, oh yeah there is also the pole shift after we blow it up with thermonuclear bombs, and maybe just months away from soylent green, our DNA changing and some as walking dead, the Lakers have the wrong coach, and I think our best bet out of all this is what the Hulkster always said. Lots of vitamins, and plenty of prayers dude.
    I think the Andromedians will win again though.
    I'll see you guys in the southpole. I'll be carrying my beautiful baby boy, and holding onto my wife's beautiful ass.