Wednesday, 9 May 2012

conscientious rant

Good morning folks.... It's a beautiful day in Vancouver because the rains has abated and left us with a sunny day. This blog of course is suppose to be all about sharing my new experiences concerning my newly born son, but since he won't be out of the womb for a another couple of months, I figure I'll take this moment now to rant about something I'm concerned about. An eatery on Nanaimo St. that has the communities support because of its "cheap" food, but this establishment has no remorse when it comes down to what it feeds its patrons.
     Does everyone know that the meat that they are eating has actually been fed "Grease" to fatten them up, as part of their daily diet. Animals eat plants, not grease. It's obvious that most restaurant owners cannot avoid the current system of feeding livestock and then, "some unknowingly" serve meat fattened by grease that come out of their establishments. But, the owner's that are aware, and also have been approached to at least be more conscientious to where their grease refuse end up, does not deserve the support of its current patrons, nor any future ones either. Also, this place almost encourages its customers not to take "a bath" for days, this way the waft of "bad food" is masked by its feeders. Also, it makes me feel like I'm in a smelly, and a bad Pearl Jam video from the 90's.
       Wake up folks. Pay the extra, and maybe you'll even step on a floor that has been doused with a cleaning agent.
        If these cheap eateries does decide to at least educate themselves about the current availabilities of other resources to dispose of their daily grease build-up and in turn be a contributor to a better BC, then maybe, maybe, I shall eat at this place once again. Also, folks let us all take a bath since I could barely smell my bacon the last time I was there.
       The hope of this rant is to at least have a few people ask the current ownership what he/she does with its grease. The community has already turned this idiot into a rich bastard, the least he could do is at least contribute some back to the community in terms of cleaner air, and definitely cleaner food.
       So, those that want to frequent such establishment because of its "cheap" offerings, at least take the time to ask the owner where his grease ends up, or at least take a bath once in a while.
       Good eating folks......................  or maybe just go to the market, at least this way you know what is in the food that you eat.


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