Wednesday, 30 May 2012

the hobbit home

good morning afternoon evening for wherever you guys are,

     I made it through another week and so I guess I can keep the blog going. This past week, my baby moved into position in my wife's belly, and of course, her ass is still beautiful, I fired 2 people and hired 2 others, sold thousands of litres, and I recovered from the stupid lost of the Lakers from this year's NBA playoffs. And, I learned some things about cob and hay bail building. And I learned, or was it listened, about perma culture as my wife proceeds to build our nest home on some hill side in the not so distant future. Yes things are looking up, and now my wife is somewhat obsessed about building our humble, and hobbit like home.
     It has always been a dream of mine, not to live in a hobbit hole mind you, but rather a home that's neatly tucked into the land, and also remain as part of the land. She has a lay out in her head of our dream house, and you guys should see the lay out that's in mine while she describes what she has planned. Thus far, I can see myself running half a block inside my own home, and this is if i find the right route through the maze, just to take a piss. Damn guys, the only thing I want is a hefner grotto in my bath, and maybe a good flushing shitter, but, that's about it. I hate plunging.
     Also, we have to build quickly I believe since the kid seems like he wants to come out early. The doctor says that he is huge. He is actually 5 weeks ahead of projection in terms of his size, and I keep making a joke to my wife that he will be close to 50 cm, the average for babies born being only 35 cm, and he should replace the whole defence of the Vancouver Canucks in another year. My wife also now thinks she has a huge ass, but i still think it's beautiful. She just rolled out of bed, i mean literally rolled out of bed, so I guess i have to talk to you guys another day.
    Please enjoy another week looking at that big bright object in the western skies.
    I guess i did not say much about the hobbit home after all. I'll fill you guys in as we lay down the foundation. This is also what happens when I get caught thinking about rolling around in the mud with my beautiful wife and her beautiful ass.


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