Sunday, 3 June 2012

the blogger

hello again, people of this domain,
   i supposed something has to be said about the person writing all this stuff about my wife's beautiful ass. I supposed i could say i'm canadian, done all sorts of shit, even been to outer space a while ago, i kast all sorts of good spells, collect rocks, like to fall asleep at the beach, have a beautiful wife, and now, i'm also going to be a father. So, in short, still all sorts of shit going on. Good shit though.
  So this is what I got to say today. I know bees are still dying off  in numbers, i'm pretty much convinced that i will step into fresh cow manure in the near future, and i just baked fresh bread. With Honey. We went to the farmer's  market today and you know, you can still get cookies there. She of course wanted to see everything there, because the first one we went to was an empty parking lot. I'm glad i was actually listening to her when she was naming off where these farmer's market would be. One stop away is Trout Lake. Good little market it turned out, and even watched a dog chase the ducks back in to the water. So, lots of shit.
   The Kid inside of her i think is a giant. He also wants to come out. I want him to dunk over Jordan one day.
    Also, we bought goose eggs for $2.00 each, Can you believe that? It better be worth baking the bread too. Breakfast will be awesome.
    Anyway, stepping into manure will be for building cob walls one day. Eco homes is the big discussion on the table these days. I know it's a lot of dancing. Maybe, we will need... 5 kids for this. I was waiting for a shot after I wrote that bit, and it came. She only wants 2 Kids. Or give birth to 2. I want 17. She just strangled me.
    It's a good time for sucking up now as i protect my vitals.  You know that feeling guys, when all of a sudden you got Cat Woman beside you, preying on all of your weaknesses.
    i gotta go.




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