Saturday, 9 June 2012

the forbidden zone

here we go, something to blog about finally. this being a blogger shit can be quiet a responsibility. I mean, it can't be exciting all the time right? Let me see... I quit my job, started a new company, and in, now to 2 months from now, my beautiful wife will have a beautiful baby to add to this mess we call sector 7 earth.
  that was my hello,
and to those that continue to read this stuff... thanks. you guys make me feel i got something to say. So, thanks.
Anyway, i went to a baby shower today. A man in the forbidden zone called "the baby shower". I was in the shitter looking deep into my head what excuses i could pull to get out of it but i could not find any good reason. So, I went and had a good time.
    I went in there thinking there would be lots of pink. You know, pink bows, pink ribbons, pink geisha girls running around serving us pink crackers and coffee. But nope and all I can is that apart from all the ribbons and bows, and crackers, .... guys, we have been missing out. They have lots of food at these things! Lots of meat. You know, MEAT. We should go to baby showers more often. I also did not win the price. Rookie mistake i guess. The game was kool though, but i think it could used some sort of ball.
    So mommy cried for all the gifts she received and everyone was happy. Holy shit. A freaking normal gathering where no-one was passing around a huge bahamian do the mamba joint. The people that offered their place also had a beautiful home, and so that was kool. I only hope they knew their was a baby shower going on inside their home while they did their driveway. Nice neighbourhood though.
    I did not get any of the cake though. Got caught up with the owners of the home while they were laying down their cobbled cement walkway. I thought i should pick up some ideas while the wife has been messing with ideas about a cob and hay bail home. Nothing too exciting of course but it does keep one from writing down shit all the time.
    And so, there you have it guys. Baby shower, Not as much pink as you would think. Lots of food. Games. No joints. Some crying. Also some cobble stoning. Kool shit.
    I thought I'd just say hi since the baby has not come out yet. Oh yeah, we also had our first "false alarm" the other night which ended up at the hospital. Her Dr. came in though it was already nearing 11 pm, and so i thought this would be the night the little shit came out, but nope... our first false alarm. Well, we were thinking of visiting the birth section facilities anyway. I guess that was one way to do it. My wife got some something stuck up her to check for an opened cervix. Nope. Okay. Go home and wait for real pain is all she said. It was free to get into the hospital, and all it costed was the cab ride. Not a bad way to change the routine that way have been in lately i guess.
    Oh yeah, thank god this was practice because i think i forgot everything.
     Good talking to all of you again, and I say dos be don ya. What? you don't like the spelling?
    And oh yes, through all of this, my wife still has her beautiful ass.


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