Sunday, 17 June 2012

father's day

good day to all you father's out there,

    I received my first "happy father's day" greeting from my wife today, and I must say. it felt great. Who would have ever thought that I would some day get here.
    The journey to get here i present against any manga or non japanese short stories out there. I got to be a dad in the end. Woogoo Gaagaa. Damn, I can't wait to play with the kid.
    I say wow again because I just realize that us guys get another day to be made special, or remembered, or hated, however the love may come across, but us guys actually get one extra day to maybe watch a basketball game in peace, and the other days are Christmas, and my birthday, but holy cow, this extra day is amazing.
    Happy father's day y'all. I have to prepare the laundry in a minute, just baked an apple pie, with the best crust ever, and also have to do the dishes now.
    enjoy the day.


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