Wednesday, 13 June 2012

the saga interlude

hello friends..... nice to have you guys here again today... and today's sermon is.... sorry about that, i just wanted to lead in like an evangelist, not from los angeles, not under duress as i address, you all, maybe saul paul sitting on a stall, writing to enthral, nope it's not about gall,  i would not spread you to the wall..... again sorry about that,  i just ventured back into some of my free stylin from the old days, where everything i lays, all my ways, catching lots of rays, and now i got greys.
the beautiful ass beside me just let me know the other day that i have to at least blog about something on a regular basis, otherwise, people will just forget about it. Well thanks for all the page views guys, and i will try to keep entertaining with some of stupid point of views or at least experiences to being a new father.
   My wife and her beautiful ass bought me my first "father's day" gift the other day. My very own coffee maker. WOOOHOOO!!!I guess she got tired of watching me put the filter directly over the cup and straining boiling water over it. Also very hard to have another cup if one wants more. Also, i got to fold my first baby item yesterday when I did some of the laundry. No, the baby is not out yet, it's just that we bought some burping cloths which i though were rather stiff, and so i ran them through the wash. Revelations are kool, especially inside the laundry room. I like the idea of being a father soon. And for those that know me, tough shit, there is another one like me.I must say that i'm rather anxious at this point waiting for my son and i to have some fun times at the beach.
    I like the beach. Do you guys like the beach?
and so, that was me saying hello. and i hope you guys are having a good time today as well.
So, now on with today's blog........


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