Thursday, 3 May 2012

the wait

       Good day to all of you and I'd like to thank all the people that has taken the time to read what I've had to say thus far. As I have said before, this blog was created solely to share some of my experiences as a new father, but thus far I've had to settle for kicks to the head as I lay my head on wife's belly. The little dragon has at least 2 or 3 months left in the belly before he announces himself to this world, and me, I've been waiting for this little dude for over twenty years. Just to remind everyone, this is also the year of the Dragon.
       And so, here I wait as this little dragon mature's in his mother's womb and already, he's messing with our sex life. You see, he loves to kick away inside the belly while we are exercising (sort of speak), of which isn't any great comfort to my beautiful wife, and her beautiful ass. I believe my first purchase for this little dragon will be a soccer ball as he is already bending it like Ronaldo. I love soccer or football for UK folks, so I hope that he will love it too. Go Arsenal. If any of my relatives are reading this, a cute little Arsenal toque would be awesome. Just a little hint guys, the baby registry is with Baby R Us. Okay, that's enough mooching for baby gifts but I do thank you if 2 Arsenal toques came in the mail. You know, one small and one large. Also, Laker shirts would be more than ample as substitute and again one small, and one large. I love basketball as well.
      As you can see already, I do want my little dude to be a future athlete, and I've taken to whispering into my wife's belly to "crush anyone to the boards as they try to go by him." This of course is a Hockey term and I would not mind seeing him take up this sport as well because after-all, he is a Canuck or a Leaf in the end. Maybe he can work in tandem on defence with his new cousin Kai, who is already built like an Ox. Well, lot's to dream about for now I guess.
      This morning, as I rolled over wanting some exercise, the little dragon wanted to sleep some more with his mommy, and so here I am writing into this blog, dreaming of lots of time to exercise when he is finally out of the womb. Thanks again.


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