Thursday, 2 May 2013

nine months later

Here I go. Everything is set for the coming war. I have supplies and all my contingencies just in case all hell has broken loose. One last check because there is no second chance once it begins. Whew!! Nine months of putting out land mines and can't even remember the count anymore and one figures nothing should be able to scare at this point, but early radar signs show that this onslaught should rival K-pop in explosive magnitude.
I'm going into the battlezone. Like all fathers of this land has done before, I shall brave what keeps coming.
So now.
"Honey... I'll take him from you now," my son Tulkas mogogashi jambambala electrik sonyoshada gives his approval by gripping around my forearm with both arms excitedly.
"Da da da da da da....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh" he thinks we're going to another play zone. We call them Tulkas Zones.
"Yeah's time for change," and this is not playland for daddy.
The early radar report was spot on. We have breaches all over the perimeter. The shit went all the way up his neck. Mogogashi smiles on unknowing and unwavered while the goal is PLAAAAYYYYY!
"Honey! Quick! I need two more extra cloth wipes for this." Already, seconds in into the fight and not just my supplies ran low, my contingencies also went to shits.
My extra supplies flew in just time on my drop zone, and you know, i had to ask for another drop.  The shit just kept coming. It was a well organized attack as they filled every crevace on the warboard.
This is one for the history books, and maybe reflect for the future soldiers out there to put on a condom. It's stinky, wet, gooey, and definitely not for the faint of heart. War is Shit!!!!!
Just like a storm that blows in and then out again, things started to calm again.
Jambambala at this point is wailing all the way to Jupiter, because it's not playtime, it's changetime. Nobody likes change inside Tulkas Zone.
I have once again repelled the force of nature that wants to make everything dirty and stinky. War again is Shit! But, I survived this historic mark, and maybe I shall look at the smaller pissy altercations with reverence, and appreciation.
"We did it! We dit it!" Electrik T and Da da da da  deeee like to chant out victory phrase after each campaign.

Well... there it was. It's been a world of poop. Please maintain and sustain and we shall break through all clouds of war. All Wars.
I'm the happiest bomb remover in the world and I've signed on for all future campaigns. And one day, My wife and her beautiful ass was talking about a SISTER for Sonyoshada.
I'm going to need more supplies.

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